One way Or Another, I’m Gonna Get You – Chapter 10


I'm turning 21 this year. I was born a Virgo and in a very important date of the month of September (At least my Grandmama said so...). Before I even started writing for TOP I was an avid reader too. In fact, too voracious for my own good. I remember those times when one of my BFF has to drag me way from my books. Ideas were always running around my mind, even voices, shouting and begging (Hindi po ako baliw, haha!) me to put them into writing. I started writing when I was in my freshman year in HS in a notebook, it got lost and with it my interest in writing, until I stumbled upon TOP. TOP rekindled my passion for not just telling short-stories but also writing a novel of my own. I plan to make it big, to turn my passion not just into an online hobby but to actually have them printed too. And when I did get there, I owe it to TOP and to MR. Foo and to the whole of my TOP family. Hope you will find my stories worth the time, the very precious gils, and the my readers, I can't thank you all enough. Your comments, your praises and your constructive criticism are few of the major reasons why I have the guts to write. TWITTER ACC.: FB FANPAGE:

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222 Responses

  1. mycticjoy says:


  2. pinay_g says:

    like na like

  3. tricxie1302 says:

    wow… romantic… masyado

  4. shiela1234 says:

    Adik na k dito…..wla ng gils,ipon muna

  5. aprilmarcellana says:

    Yes hunter…may kmbal kna..

  6. Audrey-G says:

    go hunter

  7. Hahaha over sa pagkaseloso

  8. silence says:

    haaayyyyy… ang swerte naman n thora kay hunter!

  9. sondhee says:

    nakakainlab nman:)

  10. thank miss writer for a good story

  11. jaf says:

    hahahaha sana ako na lang c thora!!!,w

  12. joana27 says:

    Wow ang cute hehehe love really is powerful!!!

  13. angeliejoy says:

    heheehe,,ganda po tlga ng story

  14. jeala says:

    So rang Ganda ng story

  15. lynder2015 says:

    oh my… sobrang ganda ng story :)

  16. phing says:

    wow…grabeh to

  17. katelace says:


  18. myromeo18 says:

    i love u too Hunter…hahaha

  19. Naks naman di ko matake ang pagkaseloso ni Hunter…peru Okey na rin kasi napakasweet niya ..

  20. ecinaj says:

    sa wakas hahaha

  21. joy25 says:

    nangyari din…atlast… :)

  22. garf_75 says:

    ayan na! the long wait is over!

  23. rishann says:

    sa wakas nakapaghoneymoon na din sila ang swerte ni thora kay hunter.

  24. julie23 says:

    Love luv luv…:-) :-)

  25. marieposamakulit says:


  26. aprilmae says:

    ouch!sakit non!

  27. maicaj says:

    Nkakaiyak, nkakastress. Padonate nman po jan ng mdaming mading gils. Hahahuhu

  28. tobie says:

    sobrng kakilig to !! kaka inlove c hunter :D

  29. margz says:

    made one na talaga!!!! hahaha

  30. chinggay says:

    kaka inlove hehehe

  31. hayathie says:

    next chp na poh

  32. arch says:

    Sa wakas at nakapag pulotgata na rin!

  33. yviel20 says:

    …sabay aray….ehehehe

  34. eli says:

    Sa wkas npagbigyan din. . .honeymoon ulit?

  35. Eliza says:

    finally… bumigay n rin c thora…. subrang pgud sya kay gnun…

  36. stealth says:

    hmm npagbigyn dn hahaha

  37. raebeen says:

    oh my!! kilig….

  38. rhonskie27 says:

    nangyari wakas!! hahaha..kilig much

  39. iminlovewithyou says:

    …kilig much^.^

  40. iramae_orbiso says:

    sweet naman ni hunter!.naghintay talaga..

  41. jhoan says:

    alas….na “love grown deep” na talaga hunter and thora…. nakaka inlove

  42. malonzomia says:

    kilig to the max naman!!

  43. GELLY says:

    finally.. heheheh

  44. gyllo says:

    ohh kilig talaga super!

  45. hyunzylee says:

    kilig much..

  46. arkeep says:

    oh c’mon napaka-exciting ng honeymoon nila :)

  47. abejoronila says:

    kilig talaga

  48. maminihailey says:

    kilig much hehehe seloso tlaga

  49. thinkerbell.anne says:

    _super ganda ng love story nila <3 nakakainlove

  50. tamara09 says:

    patience really gives you good results hunter and thora.story is so good it makes me crave for more! :)

  51. knic says:


  52. hyza says:

    so long…the honeymoon..hehe

  53. akeisha says:

    grabe! kinikilig talaga ko! :D

  54. jjhuls says:

    so sweet talaga

  55. uoyamaricel says:

    sweet sweet naman

  56. ms.jjawod says:

    nxt chapter!

  57. krystal_pearl says:

    sayang 2log na si thora…

  58. sel says:

    Ngee adik….ha ha ha……

  59. Jenlen says:

    wow….love making success….hehehe

  60. medz says:

    hay sarap sa pakiramdam ang almbing nman…

  61. Gee Diamante says:


  62. kurtlenard says:

    sweEt n hunter!

  63. chelsea says:

    what will happen next

  64. Al says:

    tingin q gsing p si thora…nhiya lng un,,,jejejeje

  65. hestia_anne says:

    why so hard to get gils ? gils that will be sufficient to read each chapter,,, i only get 1 gils one a time. when will last I earn required gils? :(

  66. barbie joanne says:

    hunted by hunter.. .

  67. wilmalyn24 says:


  68. mishey1028 says:

    sweet ni Hunter

  69. CJHAY0912 says:


  70. Joycee says:

    aiyyiiiieee’ hekhekhek…. feeling ko kinukuryente din ako… hmmmm…
    next chap. na… hehehe..

  71. nOvie says:

    ‘thAt’z it..sw8..

  72. deth says:

    at last!! sweet naman ni Papa Hunter…. hehehe…. =)

  73. jenni says:


  74. Yami Francie says:


  75. roxe9416 says:

    bkit wlang chapter 12??

  76. roxe9416 says:

    bkit wlang chapter 12????

  77. anne says:

    hahaha napagod agad. ako di pa napagod sa pagbabasa. :)

  78. Hopeless says:

    sana nag-I love you ka right after climax…ayun tuloy di nya narinig..

  79. reinalaramae says:


  80. yesca says:

    nice,,sulit na sulit gils ko,,

  81. mary ann christine magsalay says:

    gills pls??????

  82. mary ann christine magsalay says:

    gills pls????

  83. mary ann christine magsalay says:

    pag natapos po ba lahat ng task magkano lahat ng gills na makukuha??

  84. mary ann christine magsalay says:

    sayang wala na akong gills…

  85. gembira says:

    i love you too hunter!!!!!

  86. Munirs says:

    S wakas ntpus n din ang paghihirap ni hunter jejejeje my mbuo sna:D!!!!!!

  87. janna says:

    sayang di nya narinig ang i love you …..

  88. cutiegirl says:

    ayee kakilig naman masyado ang chapter na ito

  89. says:

    anung kayang mangyayare pag gising ni Thora? :)

  90. says:

    ang sweet nmn ni Hunter.. kaso mxdo possesive..

  91. princessemerald says:

    ikaw na hunter ang in love, sana narinig yun ni thora

  92. princessemerald says:

    kilig much

  93. reginamae says:

    wow..narinig kay ayun ni THora?heheh

  94. lina says:

    Naku bka ndi nrinig ni Thora un!!!!

  95. mayriz says:

    wwoww…sana narinig nga ni thora un hehehe… pra lubos na ang sweetness …

  96. mayriz says:

    sana may mag share ng gilsss… :)

  97. mayriz says:

    sayang ala na ako gils…:(

  98. halko10 says:


  99. bernadette says:

    Gusto ko bsahin chapter 11….pingi po ng gils

  100. bernadette says:

    Wla n ubos n gils ko…

  101. bernadette says:


  102. zarazara says:

    kunwari tulog lng…

  103. Sheila says:

    i love you too hunter…hahahaha

  104. itsgonnabeme says:

    hahaha masyadong seloso c lolo

  105. Vhang2 says:

    haisst nakakainggit naman si thora… sana narinig niya ang sinabi ni Hunter… kakakilig naman talaga…

  106. belle garcia says:

    waah na consummate n ksal nila.ehe. kilig to the bones

  107. purvletlove says:

    nakaaadik namn itong storing ito..
    nakakpngigil pa…
    at nakakilig pa.. ayn trpple N nam. haa

    I hope thora heard him said it..please!! hee

  108. mercy says:

    it’s a very nice story but how come i can not get through to chapter 12. I kept intering my password cuase it asked for it but still i could not open it? can anybody help or tell me? thanks.

  109. joyzkie says:

    grabe naman ang sweet, kailangan pla tlga pag selosin. heheheh

  110. Ara says:

    Sana boyfriend ko na lang si Hunter. Hahahaa!

  111. Abbythe1 says:

    Nice, thumbs up author!

  112. pilyasuplada623 says:

    Wah grbe na to kakakilg

  113. delaney26 says:

    Interesting story :)

  114. emyrose says:

    kilig to the bones ako..=)

  115. gelina says:

    I SO LOVE ET..nakaka adik naman to..hehheheh

  116. keiichi satoshi says:


  117. kat08 says:

    hehehe……..un Na.

  118. Isis Deanne says:

    kakakilig ah.. pamatay!! :)

  119. karen bunda says:

    naman.. sa wakas..!
    kakilig talaga.

  120. yuan zhang says:

    next chapter!!!

  121. yuan zhang says:

    cute story!!!

  122. aiza says:

    hayyyyy love ko na talaga si hunter…

  123. mane9185 says:

    malapit na!

  124. rosan314 says:

    how sweet….

  125. Aileen says:


  126. agashijang says:

    Wow!! Passionate!! Hehe!

  127. jeh089 says:

    narinig kaya yun ni Thora?

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