Happily Never After – Chapter 2

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209 thoughts on “Happily Never After – Chapter 2

  1. ,., kilig naman ,.,hehehe

    kaya naman pala,., ganun nalang nya kaayaw makita ung guy eh,., may past naman talaga cla,., ahhhmmmm,., kung iiwan man xa MASAKIT talaga., ouch,.

  2. Galing naman ni Athena mag narrate and describe ng scene pati na ang emotions…hayyyyzzz feeling ko naglalaho ang paligid ko. adik na talaga ako

  3. superkilig! grabeh…ambilis ni Rafael, at dahil nga head over heels in love si Princess sa kanyang Prince Charming, she heartily agreed..too yound and too impulsive is Charlize…=)

    next chap! ^_^*)”””

  4. nakakakilig naman!!!!!!!! kaya nga lang bakit kaya parang ang easy to get niya. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s just parang ang bilis niyang sagutin. Hindi man lang nagpakipot kahit konti.

  5. wow!!!

    they dated for like an hour and then next thing you know they are together……

    that’s really fast…

  6. WOW!!! ang bilis nman nyang sinagot si rafz… sabagay kung xa na nga ang tinitibok ng yong puso di “GO” hehehehe.. thrilled to read the next chapter but i have to wait for bunches of hours to read it… huhuhu…

  7. nice chapter…
    maraming very much thienk u ky ms lou s gils n bnigay nea….
    at dahil dun nbasa q n itoh…
    kie nxt chap n…

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