A Night With A Stranger – Chapter 12 (END)


I'm turning 21 this year. I was born a Virgo and in a very important date of the month of September (At least my Grandmama said so...). Before I even started writing for TOP I was an avid reader too. In fact, too voracious for my own good. I remember those times when one of my BFF has to drag me way from my books. Ideas were always running around my mind, even voices, shouting and begging (Hindi po ako baliw, haha!) me to put them into writing. I started writing when I was in my freshman year in HS in a notebook, it got lost and with it my interest in writing, until I stumbled upon TOP. TOP rekindled my passion for not just telling short-stories but also writing a novel of my own. I plan to make it big, to turn my passion not just into an online hobby but to actually have them printed too. And when I did get there, I owe it to TOP and to MR. Foo and to the whole of my TOP family. Hope you will find my stories worth the time, the very precious gils, and the effort...to my readers, I can't thank you all enough. Your comments, your praises and your constructive criticism are few of the major reasons why I have the guts to write. TWITTER ACC.: https://twitter.com/vIMarie458 FB FANPAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Vira-Marie/181564971877045

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354 Responses

  1. Cleo Desiree Mahilum says:


  2. lynder2015 says:

    ang ganda-ganda ng story.. worth reading :)

  3. eljea says:

    nice ending…

  4. jeanivie says:

    ganda ng story..keep it up

  5. jeala says:

    I just need more gils

  6. jeala says:

    Kakilig pa nman

  7. jeala says:

    Paano marami ng gils

  8. ang ganda super nkakakilig..hehehe

  9. Archie Lacno says:


  10. phing says:

    so lovely…..

  11. ecinaj says:

    meron n ba ung kwento ni louie? :-D
    hay excited n akong mabasa un hehe

    • ViraMarie says:

      Yup, natapos q na pong isulat ang story ni Louie. Unfortunately busy po ang admin natin dahil may hinahabol na exams kasi nga finals na. But he said na baka this coming week or the next after that may bago ng posts at ma-sched na rin si Louie. Stay tuned na lang po.

  12. rwindj says:

    Very nice story :)

  13. janinekate says:

    Wow! So beautiful!

  14. myromeo18 says:

    wohohoho, ..this is really a hot happy ending….

  15. maribeth says:

    nakakakilig ung ending….

  16. ecinaj says:

    abangan ko nman ang story ni louie… im sure super ganda din :-)

  17. ecinaj says:

    hay sa wakas nabasa ko na rin,,,, sobrang ganda ng story :-) .. kakilig tlga :-)

  18. I really love the story ms viramarie super kilig… Hay sana more story pa hehehe…

  19. I have read so many pocketbooks…but your book miss vera is really good…nkakakilig…responsible leading man…gwapo! Rich wala ng hahanapin pa…

  20. dhanah says:

    haist ang ganda ng story :-)

  21. driane says:

    done reading..super like it…super ganda..more story pa po miss vira.. :)

  22. joc333 says:

    love ur story alwys ktong basahin

  23. haha, it’s already 3:30 a.m and am still on this patiently reading :)

  24. annlie says:

    aww!so matagal pa pala yung kay louie,ok lang ipon muna ng gils para di mabitin

  25. jhhhen says:

    Tnx Ms vira:-) luv it talaga. :-)

  26. garf_75 says:

    very nice story!!!

  27. judyanncanaria@yahoo.com says:

    ang ganda po ng theater ….gusto ko na po itong mabsa kso kulang pa po ako sa gills kya tiis muna..

  28. ang ganda na estorya..nakakiliig..wla na bang iba ms.vira?

    • ViraMarie says:

      Another story’ s comin’ up. Busy lang ang admin natin ngayon to get it scheduled. He said right after the midterm exams pa daw niya maasikaso, so ipon muna ng gils, hehe…

  29. katelace says:

    Wow,,,ang ganda tlga ng story,,,,,

  30. nice ending Ms. Vira, very completed at hindi nakakabitin.. sana marami ka pa po maisulat na magaganda pang story! more power!

  31. Ann says:

    Gosh dami ng comment! Finally I’m done reading this supah cute and kilig story. Naubos yata gils ko hahahah :) . Di bale worth reading nmn talaga this kind of story. More please!!!!!

  32. sushibar84 says:

    Kainis mali pa na open ko.

  33. Marc Zoe says:

    Just read the story, can’t stop reading it til the end :)
    I really enjoyed it!! :) I fell in love with your story!!
    Eto ung first story that I read and it’s really Avery good appetizer!!

  34. ivyangel says:

    Super like it! Di sayang ang gils…

  35. marieposamakulit says:

    Supe gnda ng story! i read it many times nde xa nkkswa grbe kakilig…

  36. ViraMarie says:

    STORMY LOVE is definitely brewing this 2014. Watch out!

  37. peachytan says:

    Oh so kilig thanks s mgnda story more power!!!!

  38. angel@03 says:

    Thank u its worth reading….

  39. yuugimiyaka says:

    parang nabitin ako sa story.,hehe

  40. karen007 says:

    sa wakas na tapos ko na din… really nice!!!

  41. april25 says:

    pangteleserye ang story.. :)

  42. C est la Vie says:

    waaaahhhh ubos ang gils ko… but it’s worth it, very nice and touching story, pag inumpisahan mo tiyak hindi mo na bibitawan hanggang hindi tapos :)

  43. luvlyangel says:

    Wow,Pak na Pak ang srory na 2 :) great Job :) haist ansarap tlgang magmahal :) ipon mna ulit ng gils :) )

  44. arch says:

    Nice ending! Thank you po Ms.Vira for this wonderful story =)

  45. nesilita says:

    meron npo b ung story ni louie?

  46. xarles_shamille says:

    yahoo….natapos ko din…hehehe…kaso ubos ulit ang gils….ipon ulit para sa susunod….ganda ng story…

  47. nesilita says:

    nice story..n_n
    ngayon lng ako nkbasa ng ganitong klaseng storya..
    kakaiba! slmat at ibinahagi mo ito s amin..
    more powers 2 u..

  48. PrincessyA says:

    Rely love d story…sna maraming katulad ni jairus n real life..:)

  49. akonatho says:

    ang ganda!!! can’t wait sa kwento n loui

  50. tobie says:

    whoooo gnda tlga nto sobra .. khit mhirp mg ipon ng gills sulit amn .. YOUR THE BEST MRS. VIRA MARIE ! :D

  51. suzaine01 says:

    Maraming maraming maraaaming salamat po sa author ng a night with stranger :) sana po hindi kayo mag sawang gumawa ng gantong storya :)

  52. mabel domingo says:

    kulang n gils ko…:(

  53. myzero says:

    Ang ganda tlga ng story salamat at natapos din:)

  54. mabel domingo says:

    kakakilig talaga…more pa…

  55. snick_jhein says:

    super gandaa ng story mo ms. vira.. i enjoyed reading it :)

  56. akonatho says:

    i enjoyed reading this story….
    i love it
    great story
    thank you po sa author for sharing this story

  57. aileen says:

    Super duper terrific story!!you really hit it miss vira. Thanks for that great story…

  58. ViraMarie says:

    Hi, guys! Tired of waiting on Louie’s story? Well, antay-antay lang muna ng konte…I’m already down to Chapter 5, might finish it later today kung hindi aq guguluhin ng mama q, hehehe. Inaaway na nga rin aq ni Louie kasi nabubulok na rin daw siya at ang MS niya sa computer q! Still disappointed? I know, aq nga rin eh, but hey I’m finally making a progress, aigh’t *wink*! kaya wait lang muna tau.Sana matapos q ‘to by November, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed!

  59. Trevor James says:

    ganda ng story nila althea.

  60. Rakista says:

    My salute to the writer!! Its just sucks when im out of gels..whew!!! Hehehhehe..but i enjoyed the story very much..I laughed and cried..That was really amazing…cant wait for another story to read..

  61. Rhenzie says:

    I enjoy reading dis story… super ganda talaga… ang galing ng author nito…

  62. chubs says:

    npkaganda ng story, ang gling tlga ng author, more power po, sna mrme pa kaung story na maisulat! :-)

  63. Eliza says:

    very nice story .. ilove it im looking for more stories you gonna write miss vira your the best and talented author.. maraming slmat napapasaya at nkktulong skin sa tuwing free time ako nag mmdli nkong umupo sa comp. to cont.. reading the story it helps me na mapawi ang stress ko. Ang ganda ng ending they lived happily married once again slmat at dnko nag password pa i used mg 20gils to open up 12chapter. GOOD LUCK

  64. Thelma says:

    nice one miss vira
    ganda ng istory..
    lam mo ba iniregester q ung account ng mama at bf q pra ndi aq mbitin sa story mo…butina lng sulit ung gnawa q heheh..naubos kc gil q knina ee..kya gnawa q un … jejej tnx have a more power god bless itz me arahmay sanluis :)

  65. ?? says:

    Atlast nbsa ko n dn.hehe
    Ganda ng story ms.vira.

  66. anjielajean says:


  67. raebeen says:

    great job gurl!! super like your story.. eventhough im tired from work cant help but read it..

  68. jessie14 says:

    ganda ng story.. kakakilig tlaga!!!! <3

  69. ViraMarie says:

    For all of those who have read, loved, liked, hated and commented on my story all I wanna say is THANK YOU and I DEEPLY APPRECIATE YOUR COMMENTS. I’m still on the planning and plotting stages of my various stories which I would like to post here in TOP. Magulo pa utak ko kasi I have to prioritize school first, then there’s out thesis kaya hati ang atensyon ko not to mention that finals is coming aatupagin ko nanaman ang mga exams q. but don’t worry guys kada free time na meron aq eh inilalaan q sa paggawa ng story. Antay2x lang muna. I know you haven’t heard from me for months on end kaya naman masaya aq everytime may nag-i-inquire about sa mga upcoming stories q. Keep the comments coming, I really am working on the stories. ^_^

  70. chb02 says:

    SALAMAT po ms Viramarie! napakaganda po ng kwento. Hands down po sa inyo. sana may kasunod:)

  71. Sherilyn says:

    tapos na din..ang ganda ms. vira..bat ba nagyon ko lang to nabasa.:)

  72. chott says:

    tapos na ang kahibangan ko sa story na ito.. ganda!

  73. ashymetoo says:

    what a nice story..thanks much. I really enjoyed reading it.!!!God bless! :)

  74. Melody says:

    Ang ganda ng pagkakagawa. To think na naisip mo yong DION project, it’s so rare na makaisip ng nuclear project sa pinas. At least kahit dito magiging advance ang pinas bout sa weaponry ng gobyerno. Maraming salamat sa magandang kwento. I hope na sa susunod mong kwento mas exciting and mas maganda pa kesa na una.

  75. aileenmae says:

    ang ganda ng story…..Congratss miss viramarie>>:) hindi na ako makahintay basahin ang “the black angel of the bureau..

  76. tonton says:

    wow, very nice story..thank you vira marie…. :)
    keep it up!

  77. brkzz_shamie says:

    all thumbs up Ms. Vira…worth the time, ng puyat at gils…hehehe..keep it up…ang gaan sa pakiramdam ng story na ‘to…really hoping na ma post na dito ung story ni Louie..chapter one p lng dun sa fb mu pero maganda na…action and love love love p rin syempre.and ‘yung innocent Rose p pla na story..will wait for it:).Godbless u always and more stories from u….

  78. irafael says:

    very nice. im giving this two thumbs up!

  79. Maritess says:

    super ganda ng story
    love it much…
    <3 <3 <3

    next story na nmn ako…

  80. iramae_orbiso says:

    ang ganda ng story.nakakakilig..ang swerte naman ni althea mahal na mahal xa ni jairus.

  81. brkzz_shamie says:

    super nice love story..Sarap ma inlove pag ganito ang nababasa mu…thank u Ms. Writer..u’r so brilliant…worth the time and gils..hehehe..keep it up..hoping for more stories from u…Godspeed!:))

  82. felmy20 says:

    what a very nice story!

  83. ennadhe says:

    wow ang ganda nadala ako naiyak aq,sobrang nakakatouch at kakilig ng story…

  84. Janice says:

    not tired of reading it over and over again…superganda…..

  85. Marianlee says:

    Pang5times ko na tong binasa. Ganda tlaga. Eto pnakafav0rite kong story dto.. :D

  86. ai31 says:

    Ang Ganda talaga NG estorya !!

  87. malonzomia says:

    ms vira,,cant wait for your next story!!! love iiitttt!!!!

  88. Charm says:

    Awesome! love it! Sabi ko na nga ba eh, this story is worth it! Imbes na magreview sana ang atupagin eh nagbasa ng story. hahahaha!

    Thank you for such a wonderful story! You’re such a good writer. I wish I have it in a book for my collection.. kilig much! looking forward for more.. :)

  89. Jhoan says:

    sooo very nice story!

  90. ssxeii says:

    Ang ganda ng story.
    Sayang at tapos na hehe

  91. margz says:

    nice story!!!

  92. grace S. plaza says:

    hay ganda talaga ng mga story,,nakaka baliw,jejejejejej

  93. dhabie says:

    Thank you ang Ganda ng story

  94. Ayesha Rean says:

    Such a nice story,,love it

  95. gracile says:

    Superb ! I love it !

  96. GELLY says:

    nice story.. thumbs up :)

  97. keeehialovesu says:

    ganda po ng nivel nyo miss vira,.
    more power,. hmm ano ba title ng next novel mo?

  98. gurlylisa says:

    hello ms. vira…!!it was one of the amazing story i’ve ever read…every chapter is really exciting at super kilig…..!!! ’til now hnd paq maka get.over s kilig hehehe really love it tlaga!!!salamat ng marami and more power..

  99. readme says:

    ganda! any suggestion po for another good story like this??? If only have all the free time para mabasa ko lahat dito.. adik na me!!!!

  100. Mariz says:

    lovely story. one of my fave

  101. Kiem says:

    Wow ang ganda talaga ng story na2….anu po ba ung title ng love story about Louie????

  102. sheryl says:

    hahaha..kakatawa si Jairus….super cute ng story,….

  103. sheryl says:


  104. eara52000 says:

    i love it talaga..ganda ng mga stories..kakaiba..

  105. arkeep says:

    super love this story :) thanks author for sharing this to us.

  106. jjhuls says:

    The best talaga

  107. Dana says:

    wow ang ganda ng story..
    looking forward sa story ni louie…

  108. marz27 says:

    wew!.,galing talaga ng author.,sa lahat ng pocketbook na nabasa ko,ito lng yung story na binasa ko talaga ang bwat sentence sa sobrang ganda.,

  109. Colline says:

    when po ang next story?

  110. Seth says:

    my goodness the story is really amazing, i loved it
    kudos to the writer…..
    two thumbs UP + clap100x

  111. Mary Rose says:

    ang ganda. grabe wla ako masabi. keep up the good work po.

  112. Xenia says:

    wala akong masabi…sobrang ganda ng love story

  113. Rosalie Sagun says:

    ganda po ng story……..nagtrabaho lng ako para basahin eto…hehehe:))))

  114. emptychen19 says:


  115. maminihailey says:

    2 thumbs up!!! you have good stories talaga

  116. maminihailey says:

    2 thumbs up

  117. alma rosano says:

    ang galing…more!

  118. clarisse22 says:

    wow ganda super like it!!!!tnx alot

  119. thinkerbell.anne says:

    _ang gandah ng story na2..congrats ky miss viramarie ang galing nio poh mg sulat

  120. thet says:

    Sobrang ganda ng story nito Congrats sa writer…may you have more stories to come….

  121. knic says:

    super gaganda ng mga stories…..kakainlove…gush…

  122. aine says:

    Miss viramarie Kelan po ung story ni Louie

  123. crissalachelle says:

    ang ganda…keep up the good work…

  124. cherishgirard says:

    Meron na po ba ung “the black angel of the bureau?” where i can found it? Thank you. .

  125. sjyo0208 says:

    luv na kita fafa jairus.. ehehehe..

  126. mermer says:

    congratz ms. Vira..u made it. Ganda ng story..thumbs up ako.

  127. foxygirl01 says:

    super gnda sobra..i really loved it

  128. maryroseferrer says:

    the best!!

  129. bingo says:

    Very nice story. Nakakakilig! What’s the title of Louie’s story?

  130. Shunyeee says:

    I love the whole story…

  131. Hailey says:

    anong title nung kay Louie?

  132. Hailey says:

    2 thumbs up!!! go go go for Louie’s love story naman

  133. reg_caj2012 says:

    awesome…thank u talaga ang ganda ng story…

  134. yan08 says:

    nice story naman haha

  135. ms.jjawod says:

    great story! Tnx!

  136. hummingbirdheartbeat says:

    Nice story! :)

  137. rose21 says:

    ang ganda naman

  138. nina15 says:

    super ganda ng story… im proud of u jarius.

  139. sel says:

    Salamat sa sagot n binigay ninyo po…

  140. marygadan says:

    i love it! ang ganda ng story

  141. hazelllolo says:

    ang gnda tlga.. ng story cmula s one way or another
    hanggang d2 s story nila althea
    next nmn yung NBI

  142. mariainday15 says:

    Continue writing more stories. Ang ganda ng story nito. Like n like q!

  143. uoyamaricel says:

    ganda po ng story,,salamat po n GOD bless you

  144. Crisel says:

    kakakilig hanggang kahuli hulihan..hindi nasayang ang mga gils ko and to the author i hope i have your talent too…

  145. iceicebaby says:

    Cool story. I love it :) kudos to the writer! :)

  146. Shiela says:

    congrats sa writer neto..galing!!!

  147. pipay says:

    it was really nice:)

  148. belgium says:

    I like the story.thanks

  149. feby9 says:

    what a nice, exciting, sweet, and lovable story!!!!hay…..

  150. eunice26 says:

    ang ganda i love it! ^_^

  151. Sharmine says:

    grabe ang ganda naman nito……..addict na tuloy ako magbasa ng pocketbook

  152. kurtlenard says:

    danda danda.d aq nangHInayang sa gIls,the best!,hehe

  153. kurtlenard says:

    danda danda.d aq nangHInayang sa gIls,the best!

  154. krystal_pearl says:

    ganda ng story…luv it….=),,,galing2..

  155. Jenlen says:

    such a wonderful story that i have read…..nakakarelate much….

  156. allejestephara says:

    ang ganda naman ng story, kompletong-kompleto ang series of events mula sa settings hanggang sa plotting, magaling din ang writer sa language na ginagamit niya, wala akong nakitang kamalian kundi puro kagandahan! galing mo! God bless, and thank you for sharing your one of a kind masterpiece, =>

  157. April Grace says:

    nice story!!!! keep it up!!!

  158. akosijaja says:

    Two thumbs up…..

  159. iaj099 says:

    cguro me mga parts n krugtong nito kya d q msydo masundn ung mga chrcters…

    my mga parts n mejo o.a sa pgkkdecribe about s chrctr…

    pero all in all… the love story of them is superb… good job…
    wlang chptr ata n hnd aq knlig hnggng s dulo…

    sna mgkrn ng pgkktaon n maging friend kita ms.author pra msbi ko sau ung mga commens ko bout ur stories…

    cnsbi ko ito hnd craan ka, cnsbi ko ito sau kasi mgling kng writer…

    looking forwrd to ur another stories!!

    slmt miss author s iyong npkgandang nobela… thumbs up!!! (>.<)

    • iaj099 says:

      disregard pla ung “another”… ;p

      tx ulit…
      (d mka move on s story) heehehhehe ;)

    • ViraMarie says:

      Hndi po ako nagagalit or anything. Masaya nga po aq that you’ve taken your time reading my story and pointing out the weak parts and the loopholes. Comments such as this serve as an insight sa ‘kin para mas maging better pa ang susunod kong isulat. aq nga dapat ang mag Thank you sa ‘yo… ^_^

  160. medz says:

    ganda ng kwento…

  161. Gee Diamante says:


  162. jennifermacabanti says:

    surely love it

  163. princesscasey says:

    I can’t stop reading this over and over again.sana po may story na c louie.

  164. Dhanix says:

    super nice . galing naman , well done!! congrats and keep it up! :)

  165. bestmailacct says:

    sana ma post na ung story ni louie…galing talga ni miss vira, pede na sa PHR

  166. haizamae says:

    mukhang gusto nung guy namakarami ahh…

  167. haizamae says:

    i like this story :)

  168. akositui says:

    ang galing. i love it..two thumbs up!!!! cant wait for the next story..

  169. jhazz says:

    really love it….gandah ng ending…
    gudluck vira..

  170. jaime19 says:

    very nice story keep it up ma’am…super ganda nakakakilig talaga..congrats po.

  171. HELENA says:

    Nice story, wala kang sinayang na part! You made each chapter memorable at dahil don ay parang ang sarap ulit-ulitin ng storya mo! clap* clap*

  172. myromeo18 says:

    really nice! kudos to to VIRA

  173. tocka says:

    can’t help but read it all over again :D

  174. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for sharing..I love it! ?

  175. yuilee says:

    wow ang ganda ng story!!! :)

  176. faih says:

    maraming beses ko na tong nabasa and still kinikilig pa din ako sa story nila!!! waaaaah!!! can’t wait for louie’s story hehehe ^_^

  177. gina says:

    wahhhh ang ganda……

  178. NALYN says:

    ang ganda nman…next story please

  179. Ostiya says:

    grabe ang ganda……………

  180. mikanna says:

    very nice story

  181. wilmalyn24 says:

    love the story so much ..thanks po…gawa pa kayo ng marami..more power and GBU po..mwuahhhh…

  182. Joycee says:

    oooooooooh.. im done….. im inlove.. hehehe

  183. chrishieyne says:

    reading it again, cant get enough.. by the way still wating for Louie’s story hope it’ll come out so soon already done with Thora’s… nice work.. you write so well, professionally. i am not a writer but your stories have the quality, i love reading english pocketbooks so whenever i read tagalog one i only read those that i can inline with the english one. im not only after the kilig moments, but also about the technicality and i find your stories one of the best because on how you use the words i really really love it.. goodluck to your next stories. by the way expect me to comment again with your nxt one.thank you.

  184. florzky says:

    wow at last i finished it.i read chapter 1to 11weeks ago but i dont know how to unlock chapter 12 so easy naman pala hahaha.thanks ms.vira.wonderful story.love it

  185. cherryblossoms16 says:

    thank u for such a wonderful story! cant wait to read the upcoming story of louie… super love it! more stories to come plz!

  186. julien says:

    ganda ng story,,can’t wait for the next one.thanks ms vira

  187. jenni says:

    ganda! nakaka in love

  188. Nikka Jean says:

    anung title po nung kay louie? :)

  189. Yami Francie says:

    wonderful story!

  190. lyn cheema says:

    thank you po for sharing this nice story..:)

  191. joy_0925 says:

    wow natapos ko din sa wakas, napakaganda ng story. galing mong gumawa ng story vira.

  192. Aixe says:

    nice story Ms.Vira :)

  193. honeylogz says:

    wOW na wow ang ending…love it! more nice stories to come for u ms.vira…..such a talented and inspiring lady…God bless u! cheers!

  194. anne says:

    clap! clap! clap! ang ganda. good job in the post.

  195. xsinglemomx says:

    cute-cute naman… :)

  196. Scene Marie says:

    more powerszZ poh ate @viramarie
    love UR novels!!!
    xUper kilig po tlga!!!

  197. gembira says:

    haizzzzz…..wala nang gils…..penge ng gils……ang galing ni ms. vira…saludo ako sayo!!!!!

  198. Danes says:

    wow very nice story..more…………god blesss

  199. Jacqui says:

    first novel read here in TOP and i would say 2 thumbs up for this site…so nice of you to share all of your stories…i am looking forward to read more as long as you allow me..thanks..:)

  200. Jacqui says:

    super like….sana more pa……..well done miss vira..

  201. Jeanny says:

    super gnda po ng story,,
    keep up the good work poh…

  202. chrishieyne says:

    done with the 2 stories and i must say job well done ms vira..keep up it up.

  203. mistyeyes says:

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