A Night to Remember: Chapter 5

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268 thoughts on “A Night to Remember: Chapter 5

  1. breathtaking story…hahaha, but what told in this chapter was right, yeah? alcohol omits all the inhibition that a person feels…so if somebody needs courage, maybe can take some from drinking alcohol.. whew

  2. oh.. so sad.. I bet fiancé iyon ni tyron. haizt! kakakilig! sabi n nga eh, may gs2 rin c tyler sknya. just be yourself..

  3. anybody who there who’s courteous please share nman jan ng gils
    please…. im eager to read na talaga na next chapter
    kakabitin ei

  4. HaiizZ..GANDA NG story n2,xulit ang gils q d2,gling ng writTer.
    Xna mx mrami kpng story n maibAhAgi xmin,
    xuper lyk…

  5. anu ka ba ayesha, hindi mo muna pinatapos yung sasabihin nung gurl she was suppose to be saying tyron,, not tyler,,huhuh ako tuloy ang nanghinayang,,hahhha

  6. that was tyron’s fiancee and she’s calling tyron not tyler.. naku naman ayessa..

    kakabitin… ubos na naman gils ko.. shucks! chapter 4 pa lang natapos ko.. bitin talaga.. haha

  7. aw, kasi naman,,, dapat mag tatanong muna bago mag conclude,, masaktan na kung masaktan.. at least you knew d real score..

  8. love d story..omg! tnx 4 dis..hmm, i know d one who called was not tyler´s fiance it was tyron´s, am i right?hehe..i know im right..kapag binasa niyo maayos mla2man nio n tama aq hehe..k guys..next chapter n aq..cnt w8 to know wat will happen next 🙂

  9. kilig ako..ayiee,,kaso sarap sapakin nung tumawag sa condo ni tyler at nagpakilalang fiancè ni tyler…anyway…ang ganda nang story…thanks sa writer..sana wag ka po magsasawang magsulat..thanks poh..

  10. ang ganda ng story sana next chapter na maghihintay talaga ako for the next chapter isa ito sa mga favorite stories ko dito sa TOP sana magkita ulit si tyler at ayessa excited na ako!!!!!!

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