TOP Shamewall
TOP Shamewall

These are the links where we found our stories posted without our permission.

If you see your name, email, link or data here and want it to be removed, kindly remove our stories from your end and we will also remove it here.

Furthermore, we hate plagiarism more than any writing groups here so if you also found your story here without your permission, kindly CONTACT us and file a dispute report. We take action immediately by asking for an explanation from our contributor and if found guilty, punishment is permanent ban or something that is commensurate to the offense committed.

To all members, earn +20 gils for each verified plagiarized links will be given. First, you need to notify us and the plagiarist regarding our stories being posted without TOP’s permission. If removal request will not be granted, then we will put it here and your reward will be given. However, if the link has been removed after another verification, you will receive +40 gils for each links.  Thus, the hunt begins!

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