Wanted: TOP Columnists, Editors, Artists, Writers & Co-Admin

Job Postings

Job Postings

TOP, the leading source of online pinoy stories, is searching for a new breed of people that can help us in making our community more fun and informative to others.

Before, TOP only serves stories but now, we decided to cross new boundaries and challenges by adding more categories (like Photos, Videos, Trivias, Jokes, Pick-up lines, etc) that will capture our readers attention everyday.

Why should I apply?
– For added bullet in resume in terms of job experience
– Higher chance for your account to be upgraded to AUTHOR access (wherein you can now upload photos, schedule your posts and directly publish your contents at your own discretion while CONTRIBUTOR cannot.)
– Higher authority among the community
– Pogi/ganda points (tarush na lang toh, lolz!)
– And many more (isip pa kami ng ipapain sa inyo, har-har!)

Select and decide which position you want now! (don’t hesitate or else, Wako-wako will bite you)

TOP Columnist
– Job tasks: In charge with a certain category in the community (tell us which category would you like to manage and we will tell you how you can further do this) You will also have more authority in other categories.
– Gils signing allowance: 2,000 gils (will be revoked if you cannot submit at least 10 articles upon receiving gils from us)
– Gils completion allowance: 4,000 gils (upon completing signing condition)
– Recurring allowance: 1,000 gils (to be given if you can further submit at least 10 articles upon becoming a regular columnist)
– Person needed: 1 per category

TOP Editor
– Job tasks: To help-out our Editor in Chief (Pinaywriter) and Asst. Editor (RR) with their tasks
– Gils signing allowance: 4,000 gils (to be given upon their approval so you have to find them where they are hiding.)
– Gils completion allowance: 6,000 gils (upon updating/proofreading at least 3 existing new/legacy/series stories in TOP)
– Recurring allowance: 2,000 gils (to be given if you can further update/proofread 1 new/legacy/series story in TOP)
– Person needed: 5 brave souls

TOP Artist
– Job tasks: To help-out our Graphics Director (Tinz– updated na title mo, haha!) with “her” task
– Gils signing allowance: 3,000 gils (to be given upon her approval so you have to find her where she is hiding.)
– Gils completion allowance: 6,000 gils (upon creating/updating at least 5 covers from our stories/categories)
– Recurring allowance: 1,500 gils (to be given if you can further create/update 3 covers from our stories/categories)
– Person needed: 5 courageous souls

TOP Writer
– Job tasks: To write regular/short stories for TOP. Account role will be upgraded to AUTHOR access upon completion.
– Gils signing allowance: NA (you have to finish your story first)
– Gils completion allowance: 5,000 gils (upon completing 1 regular story, minimum of 10 chapters OR 5 short stories)
– Recurring allowance: 5,000 gils (same condition in completion allowance)
– Person needed: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 pen warriors

TOP Co-Admin
– Job tasks: To help out ??? in managing TOP in terms of “technical” side. Must know how to use WordPress, CPANEL, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad and other technologies we are using right now.
– Gils signing allowance: NA (read completion allowance condition)
– Gils completion allowance: INFINITE (ou! tama ang binasa mo! kaya dapat responsable ka sa pag-bibigay/pag-seset/etc ng gils)
– Recurring allowance: INFINITE (kulet mo ah!)
– Person needed: 1 big winner ^_^

May tanong ka o nais mong mag-apply? Basahin mo muna ang ABOUT… EXPLORE… SUBMIT… GILS? pages at mag-EXPLORE sa ating mga categories bago mo itanong yang big question mo, hehe.

Para mas mabilis, mag-post sa ating fanpage wall or sa facebook group!

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    29 Responses

    1. Pwede Pa Ba Mag apply PaRa Sa writer? SaKa Po Pano paLa ?

    2. saan po ba pwede magpost ng story?

    3. Ailyn Bore says:

      sana makahanp n kayo ng bago……

    4. pwede po ba aq mag apply as a writer?

    5. ViraMarie says:

      nyaha…4 chaapters pa lang natatapos q. still working my way on the 5th…hay!

    6. shermy says:

      pwede pa bang mag-apply as top artist? hehehe, if pwede pa.

    7. jcsm14 says:

      Pwede po bang mag-apply na TOP Editor?

    8. michiedoll says:

      pwede po bang mag apply as writer. I have stories na nasubmit. kindly inform me kung okay lang po.thanks.

    9. annezhayne says:

      puede po bang mag apply ang bagong sali ulit, medyo nawindang ako sa pag register sa site natin kaya nawala ako tsaka hindi ko natapos yung mga stories ko agad… hehehe pero kapag may motivation na ako sure na sure akong matatapos ko na lahat ng sinimulan ko…
      puede ba??? please…

    10. riagonzales23 says:

      Top writer.

      Paano ba? hehehe

    11. GoodLuck sa pagahahanap 😀

    12. tin says:

      uy sosyal naman ng bagong-bagong title ko, GRAPHICS DIRECTOR! Sisigaw na ba ako ng CUT?! haha…loko lang… thanks master FOO! 😀

    13. Anjustin says:

      pwedeng magre-apply bilang writer? hahaha…

      Gusto ko sana mag-apply talaga, for experience. Hmm…
      Sa TOP columnist kaya? May deadline ba ang 10 articles?
      Sa TOP Editor mukhang marami pa akong kakaining bigas.

      hihihi…pag-iisipan ko pa. but I really wanted to…RAWR!

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