Frozen Delight by Saffron Sands

Frozen Delight

Frozen Delight

Tessa loves her career and is focused on climbing the corporate ladder, but lately she needs more than job satisfaction. Pleasure of the battery operated kind isn’t cutting it anymore. When she sees her sexy frozen food delivery man, Tessa wonders, if he can really deliver.

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Si Foo ay antuken, gutumen at higit sa lahat- Zzz

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29 Responses

  1. sushibar84 says:

    Nice byst har har…

  2. katelace says:

    Wow nice one sana mabasa ko ito

  3. julie23 says:

    delivery man?… well cguro xobrang pogi… ahahha

  4. jjhuls says:

    hahaha,,, nice one

  5. medz says:

    hahaha…sex urge…

  6. beckels says:

    maybe this st0ry is fr0m other b0oks. T0p has just been granted by the c0py right.

  7. grace puebla says:

    hehehhehe..malay mo naman kong masyadong gwapo yung delivery man..hehehe

  8. pia says:

    ayy napaka desperado na ba para pati delivery man e papatusin hehhe

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