Frozen Delight by Saffron Sands

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Si Foo ay antuken, gutumen at higit sa lahat- Zzz

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  1. lynder2015 says:


  2. sushibar84 says:

    Nice byst har har…

  3. katelace says:

    Wow nice one sana mabasa ko ito

  4. julie23 says:

    delivery man?… well cguro xobrang pogi… ahahha

  5. jjhuls says:

    hahaha,,, nice one

  6. medz says:

    hahaha…sex urge…

  7. beckels says:

    maybe this st0ry is fr0m other b0oks. T0p has just been granted by the c0py right.

  8. grace puebla says:

    hehehhehe..malay mo naman kong masyadong gwapo yung delivery man..hehehe

  9. pia says:

    ayy napaka desperado na ba para pati delivery man e papatusin hehhe

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