How to earn gils?
How to earn gils?

Gils are virtual coins that we implemented inside of TOP community to protect our stories from plagiarists and improve interactions with other members. These are the following ways on how you can earn them.

Automatic Mode

  • +100 New registration
  • +50 Newsletter Subscription
  • +10 Daily Login
  • +5 Use “TOPPERAKO” as coupon code (one-time)
  • +1 View our pages from menu links above
  • +1 Comment (-2 for one-liner, no sense or duplicate; -5 for spam; 100 limit/day)
  • +100/day Refer us to your friends! Click this to view your referral link

For Contributors (apply now!)

  • +20 Published posts
  • +2 for every comments received in your published posts

Events Mode

  • +??? View SPONSORED Videos
  • +??? Click SPONSORED Links
  • +??? Give thorough review for our SPONSORS
  • +??? Enter designated coupon! (we release this regularly through our social media channels)

SUPPORT TOP BY DONATING (Donate to earn gils! Click here to learn more.)

Manual Mode (shoot us a PM to our social media accounts to notify us)

  • +100 Apply as our HOTSEAT* or TOP Model* participant!
  • +50-100 Give us a testimonial for our community (be it constructive or a story on how you got here)
  • +50-100 Found a bug, broken link or the like (depending on vulnerability level)
  • +50-100 Create fansign/s for us! Say “iloveTOP!”
  • +50-100 Birthday / Graduation / Good Grades Gift Reward! (show us scanned proof)
  • +50 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Wattpad (must follow us on all 3 accounts)
  • +50 Send your love related problem (or refer one from your friends to us).
  • +50 Share your couple picture AND story to us so we can feature it here!
  • +20-40 Found plagiarized/reposted content/s from TOP without permission.

* Send us your photos (at least 4 shots), mobile number and facebook profile to qualify through our social media channels. BEWARE: We will not ask for personal favors or money from you!

Abusing our gils system or trying to sabotage our gils economy by using any fraudulent means will result to your account deletion. Please observe proper netiquettes at all times.

Janet Caoile Beleno10 gilsGils for logging in
mliza10 gilsGils for logging in
mkkai11710 gilsGils for logging in
ritchelle10 gilsGils for logging in
carjay-5 gilsPurchase of Love is Waiting - Chapter 11
carjay10 gilsGils for logging in
Roxanne L Walters10 gilsGils for logging in
Amonmonafak10 gilsGils for logging in
Virginia Daleopac Cainglet10 gilsGils for logging in
julymom0510 gilsGils for logging in
sienahernandez10 gilsGils for logging in
ms.sweet1910 gilsGils for logging in
nurserose10 gilsGils for logging in
ssarucam-5 gilsPurchase of Till We Meet Again - CHAPTER ONE
ssarucam10 gilsGils for logging in
jasper1310 gilsGils for logging in
Nhokie Molines Beltran10 gilsGils for logging in
jHing sizemore1 gilsRead GILS page
jHing sizemore-5 gilsPurchase of A Night With A Stranger - Chapter 1
jHing sizemore10 gilsGils for logging in