I saw those eyes I love to see
a smile that’s sweet as it can be
a girl who’s kind and living happily
as mother of a sweet loving baby

I talked to her and asked her name
then she answered back and asked the same
we had a drink and sang like fame
rode til home in the hall of fame

Next day I texted her to know her better
she said she’s good as the morning weather
we talked everyday like a story teller
I told her everything like a fortune teller

I went to the mall to buy a gel
but every time I see an inn
guess who I think of, my loving dear
what’s her name? It’s Gel-inn


HELENA’S NOTE: This poem isn’t mine. It’s from the wandering mind of a crazy person I know. He doesn’t want his name out but he gave me his pen name (which for your information, I find interesting. lol) and it’s -IMI-‘Malufet-

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