Twists And Turns

While you hoped for the best,
And danced with her in the rain,
I suffered the worst
And accepted all the pain

When you carried her dreams
And chose to place her in your life
You decided to ruin mine
And dis-owned me as your wife

She is all that you wanted
And all you’ll ever wish to have
While I was the only one
Who treasured all my love

When you were having fun
With each other’s embrace
I was so busy crying, bleeding
Longing for your familiar face

She made all the efforts
To spice up that particular night,
But for me it’s all coldness,
Because I lost my kryptonite

And the moment I stood up,
I knew that I had to admit
She had won this battle
As I bowed in defeat

I walked away with tears
Rushing down my tired face
Wanting nothing more
But to leave this sad place

And right there and then
I took my very first step
As I turn my shaking back
The heavens suddenly wept

So I went on with my life
Without making it hard for you
Even if it clearly means
I’ll bid my last adeiu

But as the years go on by
I learned to leave my life alone
And I never once expected
To hear your voice over phone

You said you were wrong
For leaving me behind
And because of that mistake
You realized you’re blind

But Instead of being happy
That you’re finally free of her
It also reminded me
Of the way ‘we once were’

Most times I want to change my mind
For the sake of my healing heart
But instead of growing old together
We just grew far…apart.

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