For Aries

A five letter word, too short for a name
With a heart so full, too little to blame
I call him ‘ser’ but most times, attorney
If you know him well you’ll understand me

I heard him talk, tell stories of his own
A funny guy, but sweet over the phone
A loner, a lawyer and a maniac
An Aries but with a taurus zodiac!

He’s both an assh*le and a gentleman
A total tripper friend, but the best son
He’s good looking, according to himself
Somebody call a doctor, he needs help!

BDO could give him a special place
‘Cause he’s a person who ‘likes to find ways’
He may look harmless and a little neat
Don’t get fooled by the ‘nemic’ underneath

But kidding aside, he’s one of a kind
A man like Aries ain’t easy to find
If he needs a friend, there’s nothing to say
Remember ser, I’m just a text away.

NOTE: I wrote this for a special friend of mine. He’s one in a million and he’s single, Ladies! Lol He would kill me if he finds this out! Bwahahaha

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