My stomach turned sour,
And my world spinning fast
My eyes looked away
And wondered when it’ll last

I bit my lower lip
So hard I thought it bled
I blinked away the tears
My eyes refused to shed

I felt my hands tremble
So as my weakened knee
I felt like I am dying
Because of jealousy

How come that it’s her
You love and learned to care
When all those times you’re down
It’s me who’s always there

I looked away from you
‘Cause it pains me to see
That she can make you smile
Better than when you’re with me

You never called me beautiful
You never called me ‘baby’
What does she have that I don’t
What is wrong with me?

Told you once I’d die for you
Now I know it won’t matter
For you won’t notice if I did
As long as you’re with her

It took me long to realise
That I never stood a chance
And if I never dared to try
I won’t lose you all at once

Please do not forget
That I loved you true
And my heart was breaking
As I bid my last adieu

11 thoughts on “Adieu

  1. Hmmmmm that hurts but I guess its better ksa naman magmukha kang tanga or unless he doesn’t know that u love him

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