HOW TO: Change your avatar?

Change your avatar

Change your avatar

A Globally Recognized Avatar

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?

Go to to change your avatar. Use the email address you used to register here to get started. If you registered using Facebook, you need to change your email address at your profile and confirm it again to synchronize with Gravatar’s setting.

We could have done this without using too much technical stuff but it’s a good experience for all. Also, this is to prevent some ‘broken codes’ for some of the plugins we are using. Believe us, this is more fun to do than changing your avatar in TOP itself. Give it a try. :)

BONUS:Β Ang tagalog ng avatar ay… l _ _ Β _ _ _ _? (+10 gils)

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128 Responses

  1. Ailyn Bore says:

    thanks sa gils

  2. AerahAmor says:

    thaks po

  3. marieposamakulit says:

    tnx s avatar ng k gils ;;)

  4. olah_glen says:

    ..pano po mkakuha ng gils?? help plsss

  5. C est la Vie says:

    Thank you!!!

  6. thinkerbell.anne says:

    Thank you sa GILS! muaa

  7. chinggay says:

    salamat sa clue… enjoy ako dito hehehe

  8. jovxiee says:

    — wah! anu yung sagot ;(( tulong naman oh ..

  9. ice_9 says:

    Nasagot ko n pla Ito. Negeee

  10. nhidzs says:

    got it yeheyyyyy…

  11. beauty03 says:

    yes!!thank you po s gils

  12. Chelsea says:

    whoaaaaa! I got it..thanks sa gils..initiative at common sense ang kailangan sa pagsagot ng mga tanong dito..buti nlang! lol

  13. Sherilyn says:


  14. ajmike_23 says:

    thank u po s gils

  15. margz says:

    nakuha ko

  16. wells says:

    Thanks sa gils

  17. Sherilyn says:

    Thanks po sa gils.

  18. jcsm14 says:

    woohooh! thank you sa gils! ngayon pa lang nakakapagexplore ng TOP! (sorry)

  19. Lorelyn de Vera says:

    thanks sa gils!

  20. Lorelyn de Vera says:

    haha ang saya!
    Thanks sa gils!

  21. roy11878 says:


  22. Mhiles says:

    thanks sa gils ^_^

  23. keeehialovesu says:


  24. airsuccs says:

    tnx po sa gils. :))

  25. hell_princesz says:

    tnx s gils

  26. metanoiah says:

    i love my avatar… thanks… πŸ˜€

  27. emptychen19 says:

    Hepey,,my avatar nku,! It’s working na,,tnx

  28. Jenlen says:

    hehehe….enks…litrato pa yong nasagot ko….tagalog pala…hehehe

  29. crissalachelle says:

    wow thanks sa gil…tumatalino na ko hehehhe

  30. german rosano says:

    tnx sa gils…

  31. Dianne Isabel de Ayala says:

    tnx sa gils…

  32. alma rosano says:

    tnx sa gils…

  33. darthelejm says:

    galing ko.heheh sagot agad thanks sa gils.heheh

  34. yhad says:

    pwde kayang ma download ito?if yes how?

  35. StaryuGhelie says:

    waaaahh.. mali ung sagot ko? XD ano pa bang tagalog nun.. kalurkeyyy! Mahina ako sa Filipino HAHAHA

  36. rubyheart says:

    thanks for the gils! mwah!

  37. marygadan says:

    wiiiiiiii tnx sa gils

  38. xiafie246 says:

    ayieh.. tnx a lot..

  39. celbarg says:

    yes got it! thanks po!

  40. jemachan13 says:

    haha!! galing!! wohhooo!! thankz men..

  41. empi says:

    hehe..thank u sa gils..

  42. nina15 says:

    Thank you sa gils sa uulitin hehehehe….!

  43. uoyamaricel says:

    salamat (^_~)

  44. seiko says:

    tnx again sa gils

  45. jenxkie says:

    yeeeeezzzzzzzzzz ! tnx pao sa gils ..hahhahaha! new member lng ako pro ..jezzz! enjoy na enjoy tlga aq dito ! πŸ˜€ :) ..tnx uLit.. :*

  46. jenxkie says:

    wla na po bang ibang clue :(

  47. ehloehl says:

    Yun oh! Gils na naman.. Yay! Thanks!!

  48. Jianra says:

    Hahaha L – kupas….tnx

  49. Jenny says:

    thank u po sa gils and mga clue :)

  50. Arabella says:

    wow thanks for the gils!! :)

  51. mhadel03 says:

    thanks mwuah

  52. krystal_pearl says:

    tnx po sa gils..=D

  53. pampers says:

    hint naman po.

  54. kurtlenard says:

    let me seE

  55. mikanna says:

    tagalog po ng picture un ang sagot,,,,,

  56. haze says:

    hint po please, para po madagdagan na gils ku,,, please na po

  57. jane.ming says:

    yey!., tnx po na marami x gils.,

  58. Jacqui says:

    great! thanks TOP! got my gils na!

  59. paula says:

    thanks sa gils enge nmn gils dyan cnu mabait^^

  60. mikanna says:

    thanks sa gils

  61. wilmalyn24 says:

    thanks sa gils…:-D

  62. rosanna42087 says:

    Yes nakuha ko na Salamat sa inyo mga Sister…. and salamat sa Gils :)

  63. HELENA says:

    salamat po sa gils master support! =)

  64. deth says:

    Thank you sa gils! =)

  65. lpilapz says:

    yeahhh!! thankss sa gils…\m/

  66. tinapotz says:

    may avatar na ako hehehe naks nmn

  67. tinapotz says:

    aduh pano to???

  68. Pauline says:

    hirap naman im in mobile version kc

  69. mikanna says:

    oh paano ang hirap eh

  70. NALYN says:

    how to change it

  71. hanna_17 says:

    Later nlng, wala pang tym

  72. joy_0925 says:

    Hmmmm ako nga din.

  73. lil_sheeny says:

    try ko nga

  74. jaimieallyson_25 says:

    ?..mtry mea

  75. tintin says:

    yeah! matry nga πŸ˜€

  76. mitchicana says:

    wala lng

  77. reinalaramae says:


  78. Hopeless says:

    ahm…i need gils..hehe

  79. griffinduck says:

    lets try!

  80. millymiles says:

    nagtry ako…

  81. Eric says:

    gravatar ???

    try nga …

  82. doves says:

    I guess there’s something wrong with my connection kasi I tried to clicked it for many times but it seems not working.

  83. ladyferit says:

    ay ok n po pla.pcenxa.di kasi lumalabas kanina.tnx po.

  84. ladyferit says:

    my gravatar n q..oh anu n po sun0d?

  85. support says:

    we did not include the changing of avatar via local server because it has some bugs and eat up space. kindly use GRAVATAR na lang po. ty for ur understanding

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