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1. Personal: Tell us something about yourself.
I am Kath, from Tarlac. Lately, Im learning to love the idea of drowning in a pile of docs, in thousands of words, and in overflowing writings. Before, I do not even took an effort to spend a week to finish a single story book. However, aside from the fact that such is required in my course, I started to realized that the best understanding in everything can be appreciated from the sway of the words themselves.

2. Health: What do you do to keep your body healthy?
Sad to say, I seldom eat vegetables and fruits which makes me less healthy. But to compensate, I spend a 30-minute exercise every morning. I adhere to water therapy. I take a full load lunch plus Centrum for women, and two bananas and a glass of water for dinner. Those are my intakes.

3. Politics: What is your reaction about North Korea’s threat to attack US and its allies?
More of to make an appearance of a courageous move rather than a courageous move.

4. Technology: What is your current gadget now? If there is one feature to add or remove, what would it be and why?
I got a group of typical gadgets, specifically, a C6, an ip4, and a Dell Inspiron Laptop. For every gadget, one that does not require an energy to make it work. Is it possible? haha

5. Business: How do you save your money? Instead of depositing it on the bank, I actually keep my excess on a vault. Advantage is easy access. Disadvantage is easy access, too.

6. Sports: Who is your favorite athlete and why?
I’m not into sports, but who would not want to favor the profound Cong. Manny Pacquiao. His fierce but gentle attacks, indestructible but gallant defenses, aggressive but wise attitude on a fight, and his bold but not blind Faith to God. No wonder, he was able to see the beautiful horizon specially prepared just for him.

7. Science: What do you suggest to save our mother nature?
It’s simply discipline to all. If not possible, to most. If still not possible, make it possible. A lot of laws and regulations has been passed in order to promote the protection of our environment from the abusive wants and needs of men. Had we all have the capacity to adhere to these measures, then I believe it will make a big step in saving our mother nature. Further, under the Doctrine of Intergenerational Responsibility in the Constitution, US, the present generation has the full duty and responsibility to protect and preserve OUR environment in order the generations yet unborn may enjoy the same.

8. Entertainment: Who do you think is telling the truth, James Yap or Kris Aquino? Why?
I do not take sides with informations coming from the media as to who has courageously spoke nothing but the truth, especially when it involves parties from the Show business.

9. Love: Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
Romantically speaking, no. Love comes into picture only after reasonably knowing the person intrinsically and extrinsically. Only after knowing all the flaws and yet seeing him perfectly the way he is. Only after pains and wrongs have been caused and yet unconditionally forgive and accept him as if a little boy forgot to say a prayer before going to sleep.
It isn’t really love at first sight, but a mere attraction.

10. Anything to promote? Final speech? ^^
Life’s all about Perspective, the way you see it. Action, the way you handle it. And Faith, the way you believe that there is a Supreme Being.

Kath Lav was last interviewed on April 1, 2016 via Facebook.

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