2012 May Contest – My Goddess (FINISHED)

2012 May Monthly Contest

2012 May Monthly Contest

Ngayong Mayo, mag-payabangan ang lahat kung sino sa tingin ninyo ang pinaka-magaling na “Goddess” o diosa, diwata, super girl hero, best girl in town, talented girl artist- basta babae na may pambihirang galing o lakas, pasok yan dito!

2012 Monthly Contest for the month of MAY

Theme: “My Goddess”

Format: Picture + Short Caption

How to join? Simply post your favorite goddess’ picture link (via direct link or upload it in imageshack.us) with short caption on it why you like her. You may also post it in our fanpage wall as another way of joining our contest.

Deadline: Before the end of the current month.

Voting Period: 1st to 2nd week of next month.

How we judge? For this month, winner will be decided by having the highest number of likes on your entry so do not forget to share your entry to your friends.

Reward: 1000 gils + 2012 May Badge Winner + ???

Consolation: 300 gils for all non-winners.

Congrats to mdlyn for nominating Aphrodite as our Most Beautiful Goddess! See results! To those who participated, kindly PM support to claim your gils.

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31 Responses

  1. Mane says:

    paano po maclaim ung gils for not winners?

  2. Mane says:

    paano po maclaim ung gils for non winners?

  3. Athena is the goddes of wisdom, courage, inspiration,civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy and skills.
    ( na feature din cia sa Percy Jackson: The Lighning Thief).

    sana gumana to *crossefinger* xD

  4. mdlyn says:

    Si “Aphrodite” ganda kxe ng mga pix nya e.. pag search sa net…diyosa ng pag-ibig sa mitolohiya ng mga Griyego…. hehehe

    saka ang ganda din nung name na aphrodite kaya xa ung want ko… pasok buh ito.. diyosa naman xa e.. ang gand talaga nya…

  5. Nelzzy1088 says:

    “Danaya of Encantadia” is my forever idol when it comes to girls with superpowers. di ko alam kung qualified siya..pero sabi naman any superhero, goddess o fictional characters basta girl di ba?

    well i love Danaya kasi shes tough and she fights well…but aside from that…i love her coz i feel as though di siya nalalayo sa isang girl o kahit normal na tao sa totoong buhay na matapang at palaban pero in truth shes just sfraid of being alone and losing her family which was actually her everything. she puts up a strong face kahit deep inside shes terrified…parang tayo lang…kunwari matapang or tinatry maging matapang para lang sa mga mahal natin sa buhay…go go go Danaya!!!!


  6. hmp.. hndi b accepted yung entry ko kuya support??? :c

  7. Mane says:

    ~Queen of Gods~

    “Hera’s themes are love, romance, forgiveness and humor. Her symbols are oak, myrrh and poppies. Hera rules the earth, its people and the hearts of those people. Using creativity, Hera nudges star-crossed lovers together, chaperones trysts and helps struggling marriages with a case of spring twitterpation!

    Hera was in fact the most powerful of all the Olympian Goddesses, the queen of the gods.



  8. https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=Iris+greek+goddess&btnG=Hanapin&um=1&hl=fil&biw=1252&bih=553&tbm=isch
    Iris Goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the Gods.

    As Goddess of the rainbow she joined the human realm to the place of the Gods. She restored calm and balance to the forces of nature after a storm.

  9. ladyferit says:

    *___* cge po..hehe..gusto kn sumali dito..

  10. ladyferit says:

    kailangan talaga super hero talaga?

  11. Joyann says:


    She is originally worshipped as a fertility goddess. She was also portrayed as a goddess of love, beauty, and attraction. She was also associated with war, battle, death, wealth, magic and prophecies. And also, a priestess, and she taught the gods the magic arts. She has a magical dress made of feathers which allows her to fly between different worlds

    The reason why I like her is that she represents the Viking women where their husbands often went away to war in her era. Ginagawa pa rin niya ang trabaho niya as a woman, goddess, wife, and mother. In the modern times ganyan ang mga babae na ang mga asawa ay nasa ibang bansa para magtrabaho. Hindi sila nagpapatalo sa lungkot at lalong nagpupursige para sa ikauunlad ng buhay nila and mga dakilang multi-tasker sila dahil ginagampanan nila ng pagiging ama at ina both at the same time sa kanilang mga anak. Or kahit na yung mga walang asawa ganito din ang ginagawa para lang mabuhay ng maayos.




  12. she_rie914 says:

    Cleopatra – napan0od k0h kc yng m0vie nya,she do everything para protektahan ang bnsang Egypt. Kht pa nging kerida sya f0r the sake of her c0untry.


  13. matet says:

    Like ko din si sailor moon when I was young….

  14. support says:

    Ako, para sa akin, si Sailor VENUS! (Minako Aino kapag tunay na tao) dahil kahit easy-go lucky siya, pag kailangan siya ng kaniyang mga kaibigan, nanduon siya upang sila ay tulungan!

    Ito yung mga images niya :)

    Post yung DIRECT LINK ng image para kami na ang bahalang mag-modify ng code ninyo sa comments. Kung marunong kayo ng HTML, tag is working.

    (Example entry ko po entry kasi disqualified ako for this contest, hehe.)

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