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May nakita ka bang kakaiba, nakakatawa, nakaka-inspire o kahit anong nakaka-ano sa Youtube? Dito mo sila ibahagi!

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Sana Ngayong Pasko by Ariel Rivera

by Ariel Rivera Pasko na naman ngunit wala ka pa Hanggang kailan kaya ako maghihintay sayo Bakit ba naman kailangang lumisan pa Ang tanging hangad ko lang ay makapiling ka REFRAIN: Sana ngayong Pasko ay maalala mo pa rin ako Hinahanap-hanap pag-ibig mo At kahit wala ka na Nangangarap at...

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Never Too Far by Mariah Carey [FEAT. TOPper Yna]

You’re with me Till the bitter end What we had transcends This experience Too painful to Talk about So I’ll hold it in Til my heart can mend And be brave Enough to love again A place in time Still belongs to us Stays preserved In my mind In the...

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Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Home [FEAT. TOPper Jhel]

Well, I couldn’t tell you Why she felt that way She felt it every day And I couldn’t help her I just watched her make The same mistakes again What’s wrong, what’s wrong now? Too many, too many problems Don’t know where she belongs Where she belongs She wants to...

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This was created on January 2011 based on my imaginary experience in life and love. Dedicated to those who have found the ‘one’, still searching and for those who are recovering from a major cardiac quake… enjoy

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Long distance relationship

This video is for all those lovers out there that’s in a Long Distance Relationship and didn’t last because of : 1. Difficult to contact him/her -Don’t know why, lately he’s just like a movie star, difficult to contact. His cell phone is always turned off. Even if it is...

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Cyber EVE Series

Curious? Log on. Take over. CYBER EVE SERIES by: Yesha Lee Learn more by visiting

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Uchusentai NOIZ – Narda PV

Did you know that they covered one of the hit songs of our very own Pinoy Rock Band ‘KAMIKAZEE’?? “We have come all the way from outer space to bring peace to planet Earth through the POWER OF MUSIC” Japanese Visual-Kei Band, UCHUSENTAI NOIZ, to hold a 3-night live concerts...