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Chica Bomb 22

Chica Bomb

A story of hate and revenge, love game and falling in love in the end… She looked at him with desperation. She thought that he was just one of those men that she left with a broken heart. She would let them fall in love with her and leave them...

My Husband's Secret 56

My Husband’s Secret by Abby Freeman

Sarah was a virgin when she was married. When she and her husband, Sam, were intimate for the first time, Sarah was amazed at the pleasures that sex could bring her. But soon after, sex became boring, monotonous. Until she discovered her husband’s secret. After discovering that Sam used to...

Shy 39

Shy by Eddie Robins

Jake’s just a blue-collar dude working a small crap job in a big college town. He’s seeing Sharon, a hot sorority senior. The sex is great. But that’s all there is. Then he meets Jo, who everyone at work calls “the shy girl.” Jake is drawn to her – she...

Frozen Delight 29

Frozen Delight by Saffron Sands

Tessa loves her career and is focused on climbing the corporate ladder, but lately she needs more than job satisfaction. Pleasure of the battery operated kind isn’t cutting it anymore. When she sees her sexy frozen food delivery man, Tessa wonders, if he can really deliver. Read it at

One Torrid Beginning 35

One Torrid Beginning by Leia Mann

Underemployed and drowning in debt, Liz spends her evenings at Happy Hours searching for free food and possibilities. She’s open to any idea that could be profitable and creative. When two male escorts offer her a night of wild sex, she sees a new career opportunity – as the owner...