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Chica Bomb 23

Chica Bomb

A story of hate and revenge, love game and falling in love in the end… She looked at him with desperation. She thought that he was just one of those men that she left with a broken heart. She would let them fall in love with her and leave them...

The Elite Seer and the Journey to the land of Magic 16

The Elite Seer Series: Journey to the Land of Magic (Book 1)

A fantasy, action and adventure book for teenagers. Elise Helmrick, a soon-to-be cheerleading team captain of Belmont High School Braves, is nearing her sixteenth birthday when she begins to see images of symbols, faces and things before she sees them personally—in real life. She is in a daze when she,...

Wading into the Abyss with an Angel of Dark and Light 17

Wading into the Abyss with an Angel of Dark and Light

A fantasy, adventure and paranormal romance story of Azza (an Angel of Death) and Alex (a Nephilim) — the so-called “Twinflames”. Alex is surprised to see someone inside the Billing Department in the hospital, where he is working as the lone anesthesiologist. She looks so stunning and beautiful in her...

Shy 40

Shy by Eddie Robins

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