Twists And Turns

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While you hoped for the best, And danced with her in the rain, I suffered the worst And accepted all the pain When you carried her dreams And chose to place her in your life You decided to ruin mine A... Read More


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I saw those eyes I love to see a smile that’s sweet as it can be a girl who’s kind and living happily as mother of a sweet loving baby I talked to her and asked her name then she answered ... Read More

For Aries

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A five letter word, too short for a name With a heart so full, too little to blame I call him ‘ser’ but most times, attorney If you know him well you’ll understand me I heard him tal... Read More


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My stomach turned sour, And my world spinning fast My eyes looked away And wondered when it’ll last I bit my lower lip So hard I thought it bled I blinked away the tears My eyes refused to shed ... Read More

The Man

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